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Startup Contest 2017

AICTE’s Student Start-up Policy launched by Shri Pranab Mukherjee, the then Hon’ble President of India on 16th November 2016, is designed in accordance with "Start-up India" Action plan, Govt. of India to guide and promote student driven innovations & start-ups in more than 10,000 AICTE approved institutions across the country.

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Soon to be world's largest youth population and with 3rd ranking in the global start-up ecosystem index, India has the potential and is on the track of becoming the global powerhouse of innovation and entrepreneurship activities in the world. With a dynamic growth in the number of start-ups in the country, corresponding numbers of stakeholders like, investors, incubators, mentors, accelerators, etc. have been added to the thriving ecosystem and is helping India transform into a knowledge-driven economy. But we have significant amount of challenges which we have to navigate through in order to realise our true potential.

AICTE’s Start-up policy has incorporated various initiatives focused on overall student development to strengthen the entrepreneurship ecosystem by promoting strong inter-institutional partnerships among technical institutions, other ecosystem enablers, different stakeholders, programs, market and society.

To help in creating larger number of student driven innovations and start-ups to happen and which will add economic and social value to the country’s growth, the following strategies would be adopted:
  • Generate awareness at national, state and university level to encourage students to take up entrepreneurship as a preferred career choice.
  • Engage diversified ecosystem enablers/stakeholders towards supporting various programmes on innovation and entrepreneurship in AICTE affiliated institutions.
  • Provide exposure and leadership opportunities for students to participate in innovation and entrepreneurship related activities.
  • Advocate policy measures and guidelines for institutions and universities to increase their participation in promoting and supporting student innovations and entrepreneurship related activities in their respective campuses and locality.
  • Undertake collective and concentrated efforts towards identifying, scouting, acknowledging, supporting and rewarding proven student ideas and innovations and further facilitate their entrepreneurial journey.
  • Develop in-house mentor pool on innovation and entrepreneurship at institutional level through capacity building programmes/training activities for faculty.
  • Initiate capacity and capability development programmes for student to promote the culture of curiosity driven innovation in their respective institutions.
  • Reorient the academic curriculum and pedagogy with a strong focus on promoting innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Develop customized teaching and training materials for start-ups and engage them in pre-start-up/pre-incubation activities, to help them grow in a sustainable manner.
  • Strengthen the support system for the student innovations and start-ups in pre-incubation phase and create a pipeline for key market enablers such as incubation centres, acceleration units and investors etc, to support them.

AICTE Start-up Policy Implementation Unit has initiated many concentrated efforts towards policy and program convergences and ecosystem streamlining in association with various leading national and international ecosystem enablers at multiple level.

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